Classification of matter first ( 1st. QC )

This is done at the bottom of the quarry and classifies by different Sulfates Calcic qualities to grind, separating the land and impurities that have before being loaded onto a truck that will lead to the production plant.

Primary crushing ( 2nd. QC )

All materials on stone has a primary crushing process, which reduces its volume and set it to a size of ( 0-5 ) mm. in order to be transported and stored in the corresponding hoppers which feed mills.

Micronized ( 3rd. QC )

Precrushed material reaches the separation and refining mills to treat the product to the intended particle size. This process is usually very time consuming and it is impalpable products depending on the final application need: paper, cardboard, paint, decor, food, etc..

Preparation ( 4th. Quality Control )

Once we have the micronized product or during processing, is when we can adapt to them characteristics of the different materials we produce, and the required specifications.

Packaging and Storage ( Labelling, Barcode, Seals )

The finished material can be stored for loading bulk tankers. You can fill in big bags, closed and self emptiable desired volume and weight, and also the different types of packaging paper bags or white Clupak 25 pounds, and plastic pallets to be loaded on truck.